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Happy World Photography Day to all of our readers. Like every year, the everyone celebrated World Photo Day on 19 August 2020 to have an impact on the lives of common people. On this day, photographers take images and share them with the world. Let’s read how the day started and how photographers worldwide have celebrated this day.



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Meet Radha Swami, A self-taught photographer who works for his own satisfaction. He believes photography is like a painting through which you express your emotion. Mother nature inspires his work.

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Meet Abbas Baig, A Photographer Who Ditched His Engineering Degree to Create Masterpieces
"Art is so much deep, and it has an ocean of ideas. If you are capable and have true passion then you can literally amaze this world with your work. All You have to do is to simply discover yourself."

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Meet Namrata Vedi originally from Mumbai, currently staying in Thailand. I am a passionate Photographer who loves to make images of whatever I feel connected with. Apart from Photography, I love reading and listening to music!

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Rohit Roy

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Meet Rohit Roy
"Photography is my Passion"Patna Based professional Wedding Filmer ■ Photographer.

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Meet Vrikesh Bhaskar
"Observing the street life is my first nature."
Patna Based professional candid Wedding Photographer.

Saurav Anuraj

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Meet Saurav Anuraj, "The Photographer Who Redefined The Culture of Photography Among Youth in Patna"

Kumar Gautam

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Meet Kumar Gautam

"Extremely Passionated about experimental photography"

Lucky Paul

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Meet Lucky Paul

" creative and emerging  street & Travel photographer"

Vrikesh Bhaskar

The History Behind World Photography Day

If we track down the beginning of World Photo Day, it has not been long since the celebration got started. An Australian photographer named Korske Ara started the celebration in 2010. He launched a website named World Photo Day and invited photograph submission. On the very first year, the site received 250+ photos taken by the photographers of 100 countries and reached 20,000 people. In only eight years, the day gets celebrated worldwide and almost 3000 photos get submitted on 2016 World Photo Day. When these images were circulated in social media with #WorldPhotoDay, they reached 500 million viewers. These numbers show that within these years, World Photography Day has become a global phenomenon. Now, photographers all over the world celebrate the day with zeal and festivity.

World Photography Day: Why Does it Get Celebrated on 19th August

Though photography got its own day only a few years ago, the history of photos go back a long time. If you are wondering why 19 August out of all days of a calendar year, here is the history. Ara chose August 19 to celebrate World Photo Day because the days marks a historical event. The event was the announcement by the French government that the patent of Daguerreotype process becoming public.

Daguerreotype, the first practical photographic process got invented in 1837 by Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce. The French Academy of Sciences made an announcement about this invention on January 9, 1839. The French government received the patent of this process on 19 August, 1839. On the same day, they announced that the patent is a gift to the world and anyone can use this Daguerreotype process for free. Due to this laudable decision of the French government, Daguerreotype became process open for public use from the beginning. This decision contributed a lot in the development and growth of photography. Therefore, this day is a perfect occasion to celebrate World Photography Day.



Celebrating World Photographic Day

Every year, a theme gets chosen for this day from World Photo Day. In 2017, the theme was “Understanding the cloud.” In 2018, World Photo Day chose not to select any particular theme. Rather, it chose to reflect on the past events and to find out how to make this event contribute more for a better future.


Photographers worldwide have celebrated this day in different ways. Photography clubs arranged thematic and non-thematic photo exhibitions both online and offline. Different organizations of the photographers also arranged fund raising events.

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